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The human population exploits a large number of other animal species for food, both of domesticated livestock species in animal husbandry and, mainly at sea, by hunting wild species. [150][151] Marine fish of many species are caught commercially for food. A smaller number of species are farmed commercially. [150][152][153] Invertebrates including cephalopods, crustaceans, and bivalve or gastropod molluscs are hunted or farmed for food. [154] Chickens, cattle, sheep, pigs and other animals are raised as livestock for meat across the world. [151][155][156] Animal fibres such as wool are used to make textiles, while animal sinews have been used as lashings and bindings, and leather is widely used to make shoes and other items. Animals have been hunted and farmed for their fur to make items such as coats and hats. [157][158] Dyestuffs including carmine (cochineal),[159][160]shellac,[161][162] and kermes[163][164] have been made from the bodies of insects. Working animals including cattle and horses have been used for work and transport from the first days of agriculture. [165]

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