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CHARLOTTE — President Donald Trump had the crowd laughing at Bojangles’ Coliseum when he said he likes riding with NASCAR drivers at his Lake Norman golf community, but tells them to “get me the hell out” at 250 mph.

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Other gameplay advancements since the first game include a deepened weapon customization system with the ability to repair damaged gear and add modifications that improve weapons and suits. Anomalies are harder to notice and now contain the artifacts in the game, which require a detector to locate. Non-player characters are given the ability to use hand grenades, take cover dynamically, and use "blind-fire" techniques. Light machine guns have been introduced. There are guides in the zone who will provide fast-travel for a fee. Emissions, powerful waves that are sometimes visible or invisible (determinant by intensity), unleash lethal radiation, psi-emissions, and other unknown particles and energy directly from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, directly affecting the Noosphere in The Exclusion Zone, making it deadly to all lifeforms except specific mutants. Emissions also occur on an infrequent basis, requiring the player to take cover in a building or underground area pointed out by the PDA. If not adequately concealed, the player's nervous system shuts down, resulting in the player's death.