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Lightbulb Sun is the sixth studio album by British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree , first released in May 2000, and later reissued in 2008 on CD , DVD-A surround sound, and vinyl. [2]To fill out this checklist, please add the following code to the template call:This song is by Porcupine Tree and appears on the album Lightbulb Sun (2000) .

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Musically, Wilson stated he wanted to bring back some of the experimental aspects they had moved away from on Stupid Dream, stating "Richard [Barbieri] and I worked on creating some unique keyboard sounds for the album – e. g. the 'fairground' on 'How is Your Life Today?' and the 'insects' at the end of 'Russia On Ice'". He also spoke of the influence of metal music on the album, stating, ". . .  part of the beauty of the guitar solo on 'Where We Would Be' comes from the fact that it was played relatively straight but then fed through so many distortion and lo-fi processes that it began to fizz and disintegrate. The riffing guitars on 'Russia On Ice' are pure metal and one of the solos of 'Hatesong' I call my 'Korn solo' on account of the fact that the bottom strings on the guitar are tuned down so low that the notes can be bent several tones". Conversely, the band added more unconventional instruments to the compositions as well, such as the banjo, hammered dulcimers, and more string sections. String sections in Lightbulb Sun were arranged and produced by Dave Gregory from alternative rock band XTC at Christchurch Studios, Clifton, Bristol in January 2000, recorded by John Waterhouse.

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